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php wordpress

When Dirk first explained what his website had to do and had to contain I knew that this website required a different approach. First and foremost, the branding, which is the foundation of every website. The logo is simple yet appealing. The focus...

Focus - Assignment Tracker
bulma illustrator php scss

For my final assignment for the class PHP, we had to create a platform where users have the ability to:

  • A List: ex. 1 IMD
  • Classes within those lists: ex. PHP
  • Assignments within those classes: ex. Spotify Clo...

Schoonheidssalon Julie
bulma easy-appointments php scss

During the process to rebrand the website, a lot of time was spent in providing a way for customers to make an appointment and to receive an email with all the necessary details. This is where "Easy Appointments!" came in, it provided everything t...

angular firebase ionic irail

This is a project of Fabian and me, and it allows users to easily check the trains, buses, and underground trains. Here in Belgium there are a lot of platforms for those things and are all divided for the three regions. So we wanted to bring them...

Ybe Jacobs
bulma html js scss

Every brand deserves a stunning websites. Ybe Jacobs wanted a website that showed off all his amazing designs. So that's what thrives the website! Besides that it was important to him that potential client could check up on his previous work, stud...


Future of Learning - Hackathon
bulma html js scss wordpress

In October 2018, Thomas More and Capgemeni worked together to create the second Hackathon for every IMD student. This year Midas, Thomas, Fabian and I, were responsible for the organization. After discussing the topic, the title it also needed a w...

Kindercoach Emma
html scss

Kindercoach Emma was a project that focuses on child care, so this website had to appealing for parents & kids.

Meshle Flex
after-effects animation illustrator

For the class "Interactive Marketing", we got the task to create a video animation video. I chose to create an animation for Meshle Flex. A company that makes led strips smart by using an app! To begin with create such animation you need of course...


illustrator indesign

For the class "Digital Magazine", we had to make a magazine for a safari company. It had to be a fun, interactive magazine that would attract young and old people! Designing something like this wasn't in my comfort zone, but after all I am very ha...

Book A Run
adobe-xd illustrator

This assignment was the first one for a real project. Book A Run offer guides city runs and it was our job to rebrand it. So first of all we had to create a new logo and build a new website around it. They told us everything they wanted and provid...

IMDelicious Recipe

This recipe illustration was made for the IMDelicious Cookbook! Everyone got a category for which they had to visualize a recipe that was tasteful but also healthy.

Smashing Magazine
photography photoshop

For the month December, I created a wallpaper for the Smashing Magazine Wallpaper Contest!

adobe-xd bootstrap css html

Our very first project on our own was to think of an idea to improve they way people experience a soccer match. Not an easy task, since there are lots of things you need to keep in mind like the willingness of the teams to implement it, if it's le...