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Hi there!

I'm Ditger De Wolf and I study Interactive Multimedia Design at Thomas More, which is located in Mechelen. We learn everything from design to development. To start of with a little history. When I was 13, I began with several Content Management Systems to create a website just for fun. After several years, I wanted a bigger challenge, I wanted to make my own website from scratch. In the beginning it was really hard, but I wanted to succeed. After all that time I got the hang of it! So now the more important stuff: What can I do for you? How different am I compared to others? Well, that's not an easy question to answer but I'll list two big things here. I'm a big perfectionist, for me it is important that the project not only looks great but also works perfectly. Second of all, we all know the saying "time is money". I'm not someone that is going to procrastinate a project. I think that if you work hard on something and you work at it to finish it earlier then expected and make it just perfect...

Then you can make something really beautiful.