Hi, I'm Ditger

I'm a 21 year old Front-End Web Developer from Belgium! Here you can catch up with my latest projects, and some projects that are still in development!

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Ybe Jacobs

Every brand deserves a stunning websites. Ybe Jacobs wanted a website that showed off all his amazing designs. So that's what thrives the website! Besides that it was important to him that potential client could check up on his previous work, stud...

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This is a project of Fabian and me, and it allows users to easily check the trains, buses, and underground trains. Here in Belgium there are a lot of platforms for those things and are all divided for the three regions. So we wanted to bring them...

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Our very first project on our own was to think of an idea to improve they way people experience a soccer match. Not an easy task, since there are lots of things you need to keep in mind like the willingness of the teams to implement it, if it's le...

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Smashing Magazine

For the month December, I created a wallpaper for the Smashing Magazine Wallpaper Contest!

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