Hi, I'm Ditger

I'm a 21 year old Front-End Web Developer from Belgium! Here you can catch up with my latest projects, and some projects that are still in development!

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G Fotograef

G Fotograef is a site for a photographer. Starting of with the branding, because the focus of the visitors, its important that the logo and color scheme aren't too distracting. So we went a minimal approach on this, but keeping the elegance in how...

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The Creativity Gym

A Remastered Version of The Creativity Gym Assignment made in 2017. This was the second project I ever made. Here we had to make an iteration on the website of The Creativity Gym, which is a place where developers (st...

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TGOTV Landing

TGOTV (The Great Old TV) is one of the first projects I made during my school years. In 2020, I started to rebuild this project from the ground up.

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FanShift Client Portal

Originally FanShift was a platform made by three student. It's purpose was to create a secondary use for soccer subscriptions. The subscriptions could be used as tickets in case the owner couldn't attend the match themselves. The owner can then "r...

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